Levels: Bachelor, Master
Tuition: Full coverage
Finaid max: 4300  EUR
Deadline: 31 March
Duration max: 4  mois

The Flemish Department of Education and Training offers scholarships under the ASEM-DUO-Belgium / Flanders Fellowship Program. The aim of this program is to promote exchanges of students between Belgium / Flanders and 4 countries in Asia, i.e. China, India, South Korea and Vietnam. ASEM-DUO-Belgium / Flanders is based on an exchange of two students in the framework of a duo-project with a duration of 1 semester.

  • China
  • India
  • Korea, Republic of
  • Vietnam

Duration max: 4  mois

Duration comments: The duration of exchange should be at least one semester. If a semester is longer than 4 months in the visiting institution, fellowship will be given for 4 months.

Undergraduate (bachelor) and graduate (master) students who are currently enrolled in universities or university colleges in one of the four Asian countries.

All applicants should maintain their “student status” from the time of application until the end of their exchange period.