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  • English
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  • 24 mois


    The Second Cycle Degree Programme in Comparative International Relations is a unique chance in Italy to combine the study of international relations with that of foreign languages and cultures, international law and economics.

    Students will have the chance to improve their knowledge in contemporary subjects and study specific disciplines related to different cultural and geopolitical areas with a specific focus on the Americas, the Mediterranean Area, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Asia. They will also study economic development policies in some curricula.

    Occupational profiles

    The special education provided to second-cycle graduates in Comparative International Relations will enable them to hold positions of high responsibility in organisations’ international departments and businesses operating in international markets, within local government and regional bodies, national and international organisations, in consular posts, institutes, bodies, agencies, foundations, study centres, for in-depth exploration of international co-operation.


    Open attendance

    Examination assessment and graduation

    Educational activities include classroom teaching, workshops and internships, in order to acquire wide-ranging skills that can be readily transferable into the world of work.

    Knowledge gained by students will be assessed through written and oral exams during their entire university career.
    The final exam consists in writing a thesis, which must possess the characters of originality, exhaustive documentation and scientific investigation and which will be discussed with a committee of university professors and experts.

    Access to further studies

    Specialist Master’s Programmes (1st and 2nd level) and Research Doctorates

    Level of qualification

    Second Cycle Degree Programme (Ministerial Decree no. 270/2004)

    Ministerial Degree Code

    LM-52 (International Relations)


    Interdepartmental School of International Relations

    at the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies

    Palazzo Cosulich, Dorsoduro 1405, 30123 Venice (Italy)

    For further information please contact the Department teaching office, e-mail:


    To be admitted to this Second Cycle Degree Programme students must possess a proper individual educational background and the minimum curricular requirements. Admission requirements are available in the relevant webpage. Places availableUnlimited entry, with evaluation of minimum curricular requirements according to fixed procedures. A proper individual educational background and a certified knowledge of English at minimum level B2 are required.
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