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  • 30 novembre 2016
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    In today's rapidly-changing political, economic and business environment your career success will depend on your ability to identify and understand what's coming and then acquire relevant knowledge and appropriate capabilities to face the future. The balance of regional economies, markets and business opportunities is undergoing a metamorphosis. While the USA's global hegemony is in a state of decline and Europe tries to cope with its own crises and doubts, East Asia is steadily growing in importance. The People's Republic of China has already overtaken Japan to become the world's second-largest economy, and India has a huge growth potential. For Israeli companies, this provides new business opportunities and unexpected threats, plus a greater variety of competitors and potential partners in the global marketplace.

    International Program Content

    Haifa University's Faculty of Management Department of Business Administration offers a unique International Executive MBA Program in English, to help you plan and prepare for the emerging managerial challenges. The goal of the program is to provide students with the essential knowledge and skills to help you advance in your careers and become better managers in the increasingly dynamic, complex and competitive environment. The Program
    has a global vision with a regional emphasis on doing business in China, India and Japan.

    This International Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is modeled on some of the world's most successful business schools' MBA programs. The Haifa MBA program incorporates leading-edge principles and practices of modern management education, and is taught by world renowned scholars and leading businesspeople from Israel, China, India, the USA, France and elsewhere.

    The program in English is offered to students from diversified backgrounds. This heterogeneity contributes to a fruitful academic atmosphere in the classroom, and provides an opportunity to engage in extensive cross-cultural interaction.

    The Faculty of Management

    The University of Haifa's Faculty of Management Department of Business Administration is recognized as a pioneer in designing new and unique MBA programs in Israel, with its International Executive MBA program in English established in 2003. The innovative objectives of the School have been achieved while consistently maintaining excellence in terms of course content, teaching faculty, students and administrative staff. To achieve our goals, we maintain close relationships with researchers and business communities in Israel and abroad.

    High academic standards, along with the maturity, experience and heterogeneity of our students, have created a superb learning environment that is highly productive and immensely enjoyable. You are invited to join, and prepare yourself for a career in international management.

    Dr. Graham JacksonHead of the International Executive MBA program in English

    International Students

    The Haifa MBA students come from varied professional, personal and academic backgrounds and they share a great deal in common: maturity, managerial experience, outstanding academic ability and an entrepreneurial spirit. About half the students are Israeli and half from a large variety of countries worldwide. The diversity of the participants creates a challenging and stimulating intellectual environment. The projects assigned in the program will reflect the creativity that results from the meeting of diverse cultures.

    For those students wanting a taste of real international experience, there will be an optional extra Joint International Seminar and/or Business Study Trip to Shanghai.

    Program Structure and Administration

    The Haifa International Executive MBA Program in English is designed to be completed in about 16 months, over seven periods of eight weeks each, with additional extended workshops and seminars. This is an intensive part-time program with regular classes on Thursdays from 15:00-21:00, and on Fridays from 08:00 to 14:00. Attendance is compulsory in all sessions.
    This schedule allows students to successfully balance investment in their personal career development, with the necessity of work and the maintenance of family relationships.

    International Instructors

    Most faculty members of the Faculty of Management Department of Business Administration have senior academic status and are well known and respected in the academic community. They are actively involved in academic research as well as in practical consulting, and maintain beneficial relationships with the business world. The teaching staff is supplemented by senior academics from universities abroad, who come to share their knowledge and vast experience, as well as experts on the culture, economies, politics and business in China, Japan and India.
    The lecturers share a common vision: emphasizing excellence in teaching and an open door policy. Students are welcome and encouraged to interact with faculty members and will find them readily available for consultation, discussion and assistance in their studies.


    Women and men who possess the following qualifications are welcome to apply for admission to the program: 1. An accredited university undergraduate degree with a minimum grade point average of 80 or the equivalent. 2. At least three years of managerial/professional experience after completion of the undergraduate degree*. 3. Completion of GMAT**/GRE/an internal exam with a minimum grade that will be determined periodically. 4. An excellent command of the English language. 5. Qualified candidates will be invited for an interview.

    There are a variety of financial aid opportunities available to students who are interested in studying at the International School at the University of Haifa. For a complete list, please look under the "Finances" tab that you will find on the left side of every page of our website. Click on "Financial Aid" and a full list of potential scholarships will open. Scholarship eligibility considers factors such as length of program, merit, financial need, and nationality, so you will need to review the list to determine for which scholarships you are eligible.

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