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  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 1 décembre
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  • 1699pts.
  • Durée:
  • 2 years

    This Master's programme is an international graduate programme in comparative indigenous studies. It is based upon the accumulated research and knowledge at the University of TromsØ? regarding the Sami and other indigenous peoples within the social sciences, humanities and law.

    During two years of studies, students will take courses totalling 120 study points (credits). Most courses are obligatory, with some additional courses that can be chosen on the basis of the interests of the individual student as a preparation for the Master??s thesis. Courses are designed to give a broad base from which the individual student may choose a relevant topic for the Master??s thesis.

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    All applicants must enclose a motivation letter and what they expect from the programme (maximum two pages). All applicants must write in English. Documented experience from work related to indigenous peoples and/or studies will be an advantage. Applicants from universities other than the University of TromsØ? should enclose a short description of all relevant courses mentioned in applications and certificates. General admission requirements:
    No tuition fees
    Nokut certification
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