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  • English
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    This Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Visual Communications degree program gives students the opportunity to learn the principles, practical applications and methodologies used to complete competent and creative graphic solutions for specified design problems. Coursework is structured to assist students in the development of their goals as they acquire the knowledge and skills common to digital design professionals.

    The Visual Communication program at American InterContinental University is designed to educate and develop artistic and imaginative students in the fields of commercial art and design. Emphasis is placed on the development of thinking process and the ability to solve design problems creatively. Students can learn the principles, practical applications, technologies, and methodologies used in solving complex design problems in a creative and unique manner. Graduates of the program should be able to apply their knowledge to become leaders in their field.

    The AIU BFA in Visual Communication gives students the opportunity to learn the principles, practical applications and methodologies used to complete competent and creative graphic solutions for specified design problems. In this industry-focused curriculum, students can learn how to:

    • Demonstrate a depth of knowledge and understanding in design strategies and methodologies.
    • Apply a cultural and contextual perspective to solving complex design problems.
    • Apply contemporary skills and technologies to create, analyze, and evaluate the relevance of their work within the industry.
    • Demonstrate the ability to apply relevant research methodologies to practical and theoretical work.
    • Apply a selective, critically analytic approach to visual problem solving using creativity and originality towards innovative expression in design.
    • Demonstrate appropriate skill in creating presentations and communications within a range of contexts.
    • Demonstrate responsible self-management skills throughout design process to production using a range of relevant clear communication skills within a variety of contexts.
    • and many more industry-related skills.

    Detailed Course Facts

    Tuition fee
    • EUR 14220 Year (EEA)
    • EUR 14520 Year (Non-EEA)

    13.5 credit (3 classes, 1 quarter) £4170 Home students and £4260 Non-home students

    Start date January,March,July,October 2015 Duration full-time 36 months Languages Take an IELTS test
    • English
    Delivery mode On Campus Educational variant Full-time

    Course Content


    • COMP 101 Introduction to Computers 4.5
    • ENGL 106 English Composition I 4.5
    • ENGL 107 English Composition II 4.5
    • HUMA 205 Art Appreciation 4.5
    • HUMA 215 Topics in Cultural Studies 4.5
    • MATH 133 College Algebra 4.5
    • PRES 111 Presentation Essentials 4.5
    • SSCI 206 Aspects of Psychology 4.5
    • SSCI 210 Sociology 4.5
    • SCIE 206 Biology or
    • SCIE 210 Environmental Science 4.5
    • General Education Electives (2) 9

    Total General Education Requirements 54


    • General Elective 4.5
    • General Elective 4.5
    • Internship/General Elective 4.5

    Total General Elective Requirements 13.5

    • VCDD 101 Design Principles 4.5
    • VCDD 102 Fundamentals of Color 4.5
    • VCDD 201 Computer Design I 4.5
    • VCDD 202 Drawing Concepts 4.5
    • VCDD 231 Typography Design I 4.5
    • VCDD 301 Portfolio and Career Concepts 4.5

    Total Lower Division Core Requirements 27

    • VCDD 302 Graphic Design I 4.5
    • VCDD 303 Web Design I 4.5
    • VCDD 306 Creative Research 4.5
    • VCDD 411 Senior Design Presentation I 4.5
    • VCDD 412 Senior Design Presentation II 4.5
    • VCDD 413 Portfolio Presentation I 4.5
    • VCDD 490 Portfolio Presentation II 4.5

    Total Upper Division Core Requirements 31.5
    Specialization Requirements 54
    Total Bachelor Degree Requirements 180


    Graphic Design

    • VCDD 304 Business Practices and Project Management 4.5
    • VCDD 313 Computer Design II 4.5
    • VCDD 314 Time Based Media 4.5
    • VCDD 315 Branding Concepts & Corporate Identity 4.5
    • VCDD 316 Packaging & 3D Design 4.5
    • VCDD 330 Web Design II 4.5
    • VCDD 421 Advanced Graphic Design I 4.5
    • VCDD 431 Information Graphics 4.5
    • VCDD 432 Typography Design II 4.5
    • VCDD 433 Typography Design III 4.5
    • VCDD 434 Advanced Graphic Design III 4.5
    • VCDD 435 Graphic Design Project 4.5


    • VCDD 225 Life Drawing 4.5
    • VCDD 304 Business Practices and Project Management 4.5
    • VCDD 320 Illustration I 4.5
    • VCDD 322 Illustration II 4.5
    • VCDD 323 Concept Design 4.5
    • VCDD 440 Life Drawing II 4.5
    • VCDD 451 Sequential & Narrative Illustration 4.5
    • VCDD 453 Experimental Computer Illustration I 4.5
    • VCDD 454 Experimental Computer Illustration II 4.5
    • VCDD 455 3D Illustration 4.5
    • VCDD 456 Editorial & Book Illustration 4.5
    • VCDD 457 Illustration Project 4.5

    Web Design

    • VCDD 304 Business Practices and Project Management 4.5
    • VCDD 313 Computer Design II 4.5
    • VCDD 330 Web Design II 4.5
    • VCDD 331 Internet as an Art Medium 4.5
    • VCDD 332 Web Design III 4.5
    • VCDD 333 Mobile Technology Design 4.5
    • VCDD 443 Experimental Animation 4.5
    • VCDD 444 Multimedia for Web Design 4.5
    • VCDD 471 Web Application 4.5
    • VCDD 473 Web Application II 4.5
    • VCDD 475 Advanced Multimedia Web Design 4.5
    • VCDD 476 Web Design Project 4.5


    *The Generalist specialization provides students the opportunity to transfer in or take specialization courses in any area of Visual Communication. The courses below are suggestions but may be substituted for any upper level course in the Visual Communication discipline.

    • VCDD 304 Business Practices and Project Management 4.5
    • VCDD 313 Computer Design II 4.5
    • VCDD 314 Time Based Media 4.5
    • Design Project (Choose 1) 4.5

    Design Electives 54

    UK requirements for international applications

    Universities in the United Kingdom use a centralized system of undergraduate application: University and College Admissions Service (UCAS). It is used by both domestic and international students. Students have to register on the UCAS website before applying to the university. They will find all the necessary information about the application process on this website. Some graduate courses also require registration on this website, but in most cases students have to apply directly to the university. Some universities also accept undergraduate application through Common App (the information about it could be found on universities' websites).

    Both undergraduate and graduate students may receive three types of responses from the university. The first one, “unconditional offer” means that you already reached all requirements and may be admitted to the university. The second one, “conditional offer” makes your admission possible if you fulfill some criteria – for example, have good grades on final exams. The third one, “unsuccessful application” means that you, unfortunately, could not be admitted to the university of you choice.

    All universities require personal statement, which should include the reasons to study in the UK and the information about personal and professional goals of the student and a transcript, which includes grades received in high school or in the previous university.


    English Language Requirements

    IELTS band : 5.5 CAE score : 60(Grade C) TOEFL paper-based test score : 500 TOEFL iBT® test : 61

    To study at this university, you have to speak English. We advice you to

    take an IELTS test. More About IELTS


    To be considered for admission, first-time students and transfer applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

    • Submit a complete application for admission.
    • For prospective students who reside in North or South America or the Caribbean Region and who are applying through the AIU Admissions Office located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, an application fee of US $50 is required. For other international applicants who reside outside these regions and who apply through the Admissions Office in London, an application fee of GB£35 is required.
    • Submit attestation of high school graduation or its equivalent.
    • Participate in an admission interview arranged by an AIU Admission Advisor.
    • Non-native English-speaking prospective students are required to provide proof of English proficiency (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS or other approved English-proficiency assessment) prior to admission or upon arrival in London. Applicants should consult an AIU London Admissions Advisor for full details and English-proficiency requirements before applying to AIU London.

    English Proficiency and English as a Second Language

    Prospective students whose first language is not English are required to provide proof of English proficiency prior to admission. Accepted methods for the demonstration of English proficiency at AIU include but are not limited to:

    Examination Options:

    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score (on the paper test) of 500 or higher
    • TOEFL score (on the computerbased test) of 173 or higher
    • TOEFL score (on the internetbased test) of 61 or higher
    • Advanced Placement International English Language (APIEL) score of 3 or higher
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 5.5 or higher
    • Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB) score of 73 or higher
    • University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate Certificate of Advanced English (UCLES CAE) grade of A, B or C
    • University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate Certificate of Proficiency in English (UCLES CPE) grade of A, B or C
    • British GCSE/Ordinary (O) orAdvanced (A and AS) Level examinations in the Subject of English grade of A, B or C

    Instructional Options:

    • Successful completion of acollege-level English course (agrade of C or better) taken at anaccredited, English speaking postsecondary institution
    • Graduation from an Englishspeaking secondary institution
    • ESL instruction based onUniversity evaluation
    • Level 109 or higher on the ESLLanguage Centers
    • Level 107 or higher EF Language
    • Centerso Alternative measures of Englishproficiency may be determined with Academic approval.

    Work Experience

    No work experience is required.

    Related Scholarships*

    • Academic Excellence Scholarship

      "The Academic Excellence Scholarship can provide up to a 50 % reduction in tuition per semester. These scholarships will be renewed if the student maintains superior academic performance during each semester of their 3-year Bachelor programme. The scholarship will be directly applied to the student’s tuition fees."

    • Access Bursary

      Bursary for UK students all subjects where the variable tuition fee rate is payable.

    • Alumni Bursary

      Alumni Bursary for UK Undergraduate students

    * The scholarships shown on this page are suggestions first and foremost. They could be offered by other organisations than American InterContinental University.


    AIU offers several scholarship and grants options. For more information see the link section "financial aid" and their catalogue.

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