Tuition fees in New Zealand

The higher education in New Zealand is not very cheap, but typically more affordable that in Australia, Great Britain or USA. The tuition fees differ significantly among higher education providers, with universities providing the most expensive programs. Institutes of technology are typically significantly cheaper.

In average, undergraduate studies in New Zealand in Arts and Humanities for international students cost between $15,000 and $20,000 per year. Other areas may be more expensive: Bachelor studies in Law or Science cost between $18,000 and $23,000 per academic year. The highest tuition fees are typical for Engineering programs, which could cost as much as $30,000 per year.

Postgraduate professional degrees are usually slightly more expensive when undergraduate studies. The most expensive are Master studies in economics and business. Doctoral studies in New Zealand are usually much cheaper and tuition fee is typically less than $6,000 per year. It also should be noticed that doctoral students usually work as teaching or research assistants in their universities and it usually helps to cover tuition fees and costs of living.

For example, the tuition fee for international students in University of Auckland (the most prestigious university in New Zealand) for Bachelor in Education program in 27,799 NZ dollars (approximately 19,000 US dollars). It's much more expensive to study medicine – the cost of second year of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is as high as 72,000 NZ dollars (approximately 52,000 US dollars), which is comparable with tuition fees in Australian universities.

However, while tuition fees may be quite high (especially for international students), various scholarship programs are available for those who want to study in New Zealand. They are typically open for the students of all level of studies, but its's much easier to obtain a scholarship for Master or Doctoral program. Scholarships are provided by the government of New Zealand as well as by universities themselves. Scholarships could cover a tuition fee and (in some cases) provide a monthly stipend.  



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