Law specializations

Law is a very diverse discipline, as it covers all aspects of personal, political and business  relationships. Some of Law sub-disciplines can be found here; you can also find undergraduate and postgraduate study programs dedicated to these specific branches of Law on our website.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law is one of the branches of Law, which deals with the phenomena of crime, its causes and conditions and the ways of preventing it.

European Law

European Law is  usually understood as the legal regulation of relations in Europe, covering the organization and activities of all international organizations operating in the European continent, the unity of economical, social, political, scientific and cultural relations. In a more narrow sense, European law is a set of laws that are in effect only in the European Union.

Civil Law

Civil Law is a branch of Law which studies the legal norms regulating property-value and personal non-property relations. Property means property-value relations, which are mainly commodity-money relations. Personal non-property relations governed by civil law should be still connected with property (for example, copyright).

Public Law

Public  Law is a set of branches of Law which deals with relations related to the provision of general (public) or national interest. The list of branches of law covered by Public Law include Constitutional law, Judicial system, Administrative law, Administrative procedural law, Financial right, Arbitration process, and many other.

International Law

International law is a system of legal principles and norms which regulates relations between peoples and states and determining their mutual rights and obligations.





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