Career Options for Economics Graduates

Since Economics education is very diverse and covers a variety of specializations, graduates holding a Bachelor (or Master) degree in Economics are in high demand in many areas.

The most popular and expected career after completion the education in Economics area is economist. The economist is engaged in researching the economic situation on a global or regional scale - analyzing factors which affect the exchange rate, product selling, payback, and makes forecasts based on the conducted research.

The main employers of economists are large financial companies. Successful economists can also be self-employed and provide consultations to individual businessmen, companies  and institutions.

Note that usually at least a Master’s degree is required for applicants for the economics job, but sometimes Bachelor graduates can be hired too, with additional internship.

The other career option available for Economics graduates is  job in  the accountancy area. Accountants сontrol the financial condition of the company, and work on its development. Usually accountancy career requires specialization on this particular area, because it is highly practical and requires specific knowledge in taxation, auditing, financial recording and accounting systems. Accountancy can be taught as a  separate degree or as a part or specialization of Economics degree.

A degree in Economics can also be useful in a variety of job, for example, credit consultant, lawyer, policy analyst, market research analyst and many others. Some Economics graduates work for TV and radio as business reporters.

Of course, many graduates also choose to continue their education and start research and teaching activity after completing a PhD degree.




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